Do you want to know what is SFM?

SFM, stands for Six Figure Mentors, is mentorship for digital marketing and has a community to learn, share, and grow any online business you can think off.


Hi, I am an architect/ceramis/ online marketer, and SFM has everything to do with that!

The founder’s vision (Stuart and Jay) is to encourage people from around the world to follow their real passion and use it to build a life with online marketing. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can become an online business.

If you are looking for a way to have financial freedom, but you don’t have a clear vision of what you want to do, then you’re like most of us; human beings. It’s not a big deal, they’ll help you to get clear on that.

As you know, there’s a lot of information out there about online marketing or affiliate marketing. There is so much! It is too overwhelmed!

I couldn’t tell you where to begin, what to learn first or most important who could be lying to you.

Luckily enough, the SFM program divides everything into modules that make it easier to understand and follow. You finish one you go to the next one, is that simple.

The good thing is that you can decide how fast you’ll go, how much you wish to do, and which webinars attend, you can go back, or push yourself whatever you need to do.

What they don’t do is to give you dates and goals, or review your homework.
It’s entirely up to you when to finish and how much you take from each module. It’s your life, your choice.

For me, the biggest asset that SFM has is the community itself. They are always there to encourage you, and to add more and more value to your journey.

Just the fact they are there all the time with the best attitude ever, they make you feel good, excited, and definitely, not alone.

Now, if you are be expecting one to one coaching, you need to ask your self; can I pay for something like that?. If not, the good news is that the community has a lot of live webinars every single day, and you get to know the founders and the most inspiring people ever.

Of course, anything is perfect, it is not a free community, but nothing is free in life, right?. You do pay to have access to all the information, platforms, and live webinars.

I believe it is pretty accessible. Considering all the time, you’ll save avoiding the mistakes you will not have to make being on your own.

So, what is there to learn that is so important?… (besides marketing itself) well, It depends on your current mindset and how important do you think it is.

Build a mindset foundation is the most crucial step into the program with SFM (and in anything, really).

And I hear you out saying; “I’m here to market not to do personal development”… ok, but if you’re not a successful yet, might be because you are in your way and don’t even realize it.

Maybe is your mindset? Perhaps is your circumstance? Or more probably; you are just lost, and need to admit you can use some help?.

Online marketing is a business, no magic there.

Most of the time people start alone, and if you don’t have the powerful mindset of an entrepreneur, you’re not going to make it, and I’m not exaggerating.

When I started, I was amazed to realize how deep I was in this self-sabotaging vicious circle, and at the same time, I was relieved that I have the tools to take control and change what needed to be changed.

Think about it, sometimes people tend to rely a little bit too much on our jobs, and it doesn’t matter how good you are, whenever you decided to do things on your own it seems like you’re building a house of cards.

I can assure you that’s because nobody taught you how to be self-reliance before. You might think that you don’t need somebody telling what to do… But if you would already know; you would’ve already succeeded, wouldn’t you?

Just open your mind to the possibilities, imagen what you could achieve with the right resources!

Anyway, for me, everything started with the free workshop SFM offers. Stuart gives you a big picture, and then, you can make a decision. But with all the information and a better understanding of the community, online marketing, and real possibilities…

In my case, I appreciated their honesty and the value I received So I’m glad to say that now I’m part of the community too, and of course, I’ll give access to the same workshop!

Click here to access the free workshop!!!!!…

If you’re just a little bit curious, go ahead and hear what they have to say. If anything, you’ll leave with a better understanding of what is it all about and if it’s right for you.

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