Use your Passion to create the Lifestyle you want

Today I’m going to give you some tips on creating the lifestyle you want, and we are going to do a quick exercise as we go.

Maybe you feel stuck, don’t know where to start, or have doubts, want to pursue your passion, but you have many things you love to do, what if you choose wrong? 😳 So what?… It means you’re normal, and by that, I mean Da Vinci did too.

You don’t have to figure it out before doing something. You’ll figure it out because you start doing something.

I’m not trying to sound like a prig; I know this can turn into an existential nightmare. That’s why I’m not using any filter; I’ve been there. ( and I’m an architect, so I used to have a huge useless ego I know how it feels to be lost)

Why you think is so hard for many people to believe in a full-time passionate life? Almost every successful person in any field was passionate about what they do, and I really don’t think I need to give any examples; you’re already thinking about them.

I’m a witch, and I know you’re comparing your circumstances now, don’t do that, make yourself a favor, and say this out loud “I can have the life I want.” Or think it, it’s the same. 🤭

You have the same amount of hours in a day, what do you think? Their lives were easier?… They’ll laugh at your face if you say so. The big question is; “How bad do you want to have a passionate, purposeful life?.”

Moving on, let’s go straight to the juicy part; in my experience, many failures, what I learn from great people, and finally finding my place in this world, I could say you need 4 things to build a life you LOVE, on your terms, using your passion.

1 – The Material

Of course, the material is your passion, that thing you do just because. Nobody is paying you; you just want to do it.

For example, I’m an architect, and I want to live in a tiny house, so sometimes, when I’m watching TV, for no reason at all, I start designing tiny houses (I have 150, sort of)

Or maybe your passion is that thing you see all the time on YouTube because you want to learn more and more.

I, for example, love ceramic tutorials. Yes, I’m a ceramist too. I know I’m crazy but successfully crazy.

Anyway, you might also feel passionate about something new you find watching those youtube videos; for example, I got into ceramics because I was into sculpting… I know you feel stress right now because there’re too many choices, like the toothpaste in the supermarket.

Just keep reading; it will make sense.

2 – Working force

The working force is what transforms the material into something valuable. If I use brick as material, my hands can build a wall. (not Trump’s wall, but you get it) Let’s say “home”, that’s better. 😵

I’m talking about your purpose. Some people see it as a Philosopher Stone you’ll never find because you’re so lost. I get it.

Your purpose is your why…

Don’t answer thinking of you; of course, you’re passionate about stuff because of what it makes you feel – That’s not your why.

Why has your passion to give to the world? Why do you want to bring this to us? That’s your why

Why do you like to sketch tiny houses? “I think the feeling of belonging to your home has the power to connect you back to earth, but a mansion won’t do the work, so; tiny houses.”

The reason you need to get clear on this is that… “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

I didn’t say it; Simon Sinek did in his book “Start with why.” Did you know as much as 42% of startups fail because there was no market for their product or services? That’s too many people going “people will buy just because I want them to.”

Your purpose will help you to find a problem and bring a solution in your passion field. It will become your fuel.

You don’t need to be a hero; let’s say you are passionate about ceramics and global warming; could you start a #moreceramiclessplastic movement? (that’s what I’m planning to start with my mom on our ceramic studio)

By now, you might be thinking, “so I don’t need to have a single huge purpose in life.” and my answer would be, “you’re right; it will evolve with you.” And the best part of finding your purpose is getting a longer and healthier life.

By the way, take a piece of paper and write down all your ideas right now; they are fresh! Take at least 10 minutes to do it; we will come back to it in a minute.

3 – Design

How will you use with a bunch of brick to built a house with your hands if you don’t have a plan? Sound obvious, right?

I’m basically saying you need a strategy. Draw a map, mark where you are and where you want to go, then draw the path you think will get you there.

We liked to say this thing when I was working in construction “The paper can take anything” This is because the path you draw will evolve as you go in real life. So get comfortable with changes and adapt; you already have been through covid, so you have experience. That’s not the hard part.

Before we move on, take that piece of paper where you wrote your ideas, and I want you to mark the ones you know, that for any reason, you can’t start them right now. It doesn’t mean you never get to do them; you just can’t right now. This is for you to put them aside and move forward.

4 – The foundation

The hard part is the foundation, no matter how good your bricks are or how well you trained your hands, not even having a perfect design. If you don’t have a strong foundation, it’ll fall apart as soon as the first winds arrive.

I say this is the tough part because I’m talking about mindset; therefore, self-discovery, fighting with your ego, and all the subconscious obstacles formed through your life.

Let me put you a few examples:

Let’s say you’re an artist and want to breakthrough, but you’re not having any luck; nobody sees your potential.

This is a self-imposed obstacle; you should see your passion as a business and create the opportunities you want for yourself. You have more control over the outcome than you think.

Let’s take another example; imagine your are a carpenter and open an online store, but you complain about people not wanting to pay the price for your work.

That’s self-sabotage; you are looking for an external reason you can’t control when the real reason is that your ego won’t let you see your beautiful craft won’t sell for itself, yes it’s lovely, but you’re not selling it to the right market.

Now that our egos might shut up for a minute, retake that piece of paper, and pick one idea you could take action tomorrow. Maybe it’s not the greatest one; who cares. Learn the skills you need, and go for it! What you have to lose? a life filled with regrets?


Before saying anything else, I want to give you some numbers…
29% of startups began because they wanted to be their own boss
19% started because they wanted to pursue their passion
20% failed on the first year
50% get to the fifth year

Having the number doesn’t mean having the picture; use your passion and beat the statistics because you have a great thing to bring to this world.

Two years ago, one of my mentors said this in a workshop: “The biggest advice I got when I was starting was; -Stuart, you need to learn how to sell to people,” and I was like, seriously? That was his biggest advice?

It turned out to be the most transcendent advice I got. One of my biggest self-imposed obstacles was that my subconscious related money with all that was wrong in this world. So I viewed sales as evil.

Once I learned the tools you use are as good as how you use them, I finally get over it. You should market your passion as a product or a service because no matter how good your message or product is, if nobody is listening.

I hope this was useful information; if you want to have access to the workshop I talked about, you can click on the link below (it’s free)…

Use your Passion to create a Life you Love!

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