These are some Ups and Downs of an Online Marketing Journey

Of course, every Online Marketing Journey has its Ups and Downs. So, let’s summarize this week, the second youtube video had a really disappointing result, and the Pinterest video campaign was useful.

You would think I’m depressed about the results, but after a while, you get used to it, and you start seeing what goes wrong instead of beating yourself.😱😎

The ups and downs of an online marketing journey

DOWN 😥 -YouTube – The problem

Let’s started with the youtube video; after seeing the results, I decided to ask some friends for their opinions. And my fears were confirmed; the video is too long, my voice is to plane, and I don’t use enough images.

UP! 🤓 YouTube – The solution

This confirmed my worst fears because I need to put more love and time to the editing part (which I don’t love🤢), and I need to improve my storytelling. These are points that I’ll consider for the third video, and we’ll see if something changes.

Second video organic views YouTube video making new channel analytics

DOWN 😥 Pinterest Ads – The problem

As you know I lunch a Pinterest Video Ad, and in three days, I got 264 clicks, and my CTR was 0.61%; in general, it’s not a bad result, but there’s a huge problem; they’re not buying.🤔

The problem with this video campaign is that the message is not resonating enough with the audience and is a broken message because I’m not giving what they spect to find.

UP! 🤓 Pinterest Ads – The solution

My plan to improve this is going more in-depth on my market research; I’ll do some one-to-one interviews with some of my friends with some strategic questions.

My second plan is to make ten video ads, and after I can see if any of them is working I will do some split test

Pinterest video Ad analytics, problems and solutions

These were my Ups and Downs of an Online Marketing Journey for this week; I hope they help to avoid my mistakes!🤗

I’ll apply these things for the next 30 days.🤓 You’re more than welcome to share your opinions and experiences. If you’re a brand new online marketer, you know how difficult it is at the beginning. You’re not alone!

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