Tips on how to use Canva for marketing

Marketing banners, pins, posters, you can design anything in Canva. 😍😍😍 Here you’ll find 5 Essential Tips on how to use Canva for marketing. But first, let’s talk about predesign templates.

Tips on how to use Canva for marketing graphic design

The question is: Pre-design Templates vs. Making your own 🤔

Pre-design templates can always be useful for inspiration. Although to be straightforward with you, making your own templates is still better.

However, here is an easy way to decide which to use. 🤗

If you don’t know a thing about design, use the templates until you feel comfortable enough to make your own. Use them as a training program, you’ll eventually realize, it’s unnecessary to complicate yourself, clean design is always better, and with time, you’ll find your own style.

However, if you know a bit about design, just do them yourself. Yes, you can save time with pre-design templates, and if you edit them, they can end up looking unique. But to make that happen, you’ll put the same effort and time as if you make them from scratch.

No matter what you choose: These are my five tips to create or edit Marketing templates in Canva

  1. Trend research
  2. Branding colors (or seasonal colors)
  3. Readable Fonts
  4. Logo watermarks
  5. Clear message

1-Trend research

It is not about copying what’s already out there. But it’s always good to know how the media is evolving, it’ll make your ideas evolve as well.

My advice is to focus on the project needs, like; industry, demographics, specific social media, etc. It’s a whole universe so best to focus on the specifics.

If you like to search for general graphic design trends, (you can also search for a specific style) take a look on this page:

Pinterest trends: (you can also search by country)

Instagram: (they what’s trending as well)

For every trend in design, there’s always an opposite reaction eventually. Don’t be afraid of trying things!

2-Branding colors (or seasonal colors)

After the first step, you’ll have an idea of the direction you want to take.

Here’s is my favorite tool for defining the color palette. It can’t get easier to choose one with it.

How to choose a colot palette, Canva for marketing I love it!😍😍😍❤❤❤

Generally, I just use this page just for branding, but many people use it for seasonal marketing as well.

3-Readable Fonts

If you search about this subject, everybody will tell you to “USE READABLE FONTS!” and there’s nothing much to say about it. You want people to get your message as fast, loud, and clear as possible.

how to choose readable fonts, Canva for marketing

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it.🤩 Here’s a tool you can use to combine fonts according to your brand. I would recommend having two or even three well define fonts, more than that, it’s a waste of time.

You can put your own text to really see how it looks for your brand.

4-Logo watermarks

Ok, where to sign your design? 🤔

Logo watermark canva for marketing

These days, we have so many apps, so many tools. You don’t want any of them to cover your brand for any reason.

So keep your logo away from any corner, is that simple. I choose the middle top of the image. You can be more creative or keep it simple, just keep it away from the corners! 😱

5- Clear Message

I know it seems pretty obvious 😎, but believe me, it is harder than you think. My mentor always says, “If you market to everyone, you’ll market to no one.”

That’s so annoyingly true 🤬🤯😭😵! It’s all about knowing your audience and caring about their needs, their problems and give worthy solutions.

The only way to get it right is to try and error, make a lot of mistakes, and keep learning from them.🤓 If you feel exhausted, think that every marketer started the same way.

I hope these tools will make your life easier, they definitely workout form me. If you like to know about more tools or resources for online marketing tell me in the comments below 😋

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