Top 17 rules of success!

I’m sure you heard of this book before, “The law of success” by Napoleon Hill is probably the most known book on the subject, where he presents the top 17 rules of success and the most effective ones for sure.

If you are starting an entrepreneur journey or just want to make things happened in life, this book is a must. To be honest, for some (including me) it is a hard book to go through, so, if that’s the case, I would definitely recommend the audiobook.

None the less, there are many other books based on this one, and I encourage you to find one you really love and read it over and over again.

In the meantime, why don’t we review napoleon’s rules:

Maybe some of them might sound obvious to you but don’t skip it!. Because this means it is easier for you to take them for granted when you should be taking conscious, or even taking responsibility for your current state on the subject… Let’s start!

1. Definiteness of Purpose

For everything you do in life, you need a purpose. No matter if it is personal or business-related, this is the first step in your quest for achievement and success.

What do you wish to accomplish? What is your ambiguous goal? Which steps do you need to take to achieve it? It might be hard to answer at first but don’t worry you’ll get clarity soon enough.

2. Mastermind Alliance

Scientific studies and practice have proven that people that work together in perfect harmony on the common goal achieve more than one person on its own.

But it is also about who is closed to you. Do these people actually help you or provide value to your goals? Maybe is time to wonder if you have enough people around you with similar interest or that can bring real value to your goals.

3. Applied Faith

This principle is obvious. The more you put in achieving a goal, the faster and better it will be accomplished. But remember, more in quality, not quantity.

This is an essential principle, driven by a state of mind, attitude, and confidence.

4. Going the extra mile

This principle is obvious. The more you put in achieving a goal, the faster and better it will be accomplished. But remember, more in quality beats more in quantity.

Also, the law of compensation (rewards come in return for the deeds, thoughts, and words) is great to incorporate in your achieving mindset.

5. Pleasing Personality

This principle can be a fantastic asset in your everyday life. Goals and achievements can be much easier realized when you work with people (i.e. partners) who are easy to connect to and pleasant to work with.

According to Napoleon Hill there are 25 characteristics of the personality that you would find in the book.

6. Personal Initiative

Each person/partner that works in a team and experiences group dynamics is made aware that his or her responsibility is vital, to achieve the desired goals. The individual is the starter of the initiative, and it’s the challenge to complete that what he/she started. Also, principle 4 is a crucial success factor to achieve the desired goals.

7. Positive Mental Attitude

No challenge can start without the right mindset. A positive attitude keeps your chin up and keeps you powered in all circumstances. No challenge is too large, objectives are clear, and the right mindset to keep focus, inspire, and motivate others, are crucial elements that are connected with this principle.

The more positive everyone thinks on the desired goals, the more likely it is to achieve success (the law of influence).

8. Enthusiasm

Is the key to achieving success in business. Enthusiasm can work infectious; the more people are enthusiastic about the desired goals, the more people will become that as well.

It comes from within a person and is also connected to principle 3: applied faith. Success, applied faith, and determination will attract more success.

9. Self-Discipline

You need to control your thoughts to manage your needs and desired goals. This principle is all about the mastery of your own ideas. You take possession of your own attitude, thoughts, emotions, acts, communication, and so on.

This is a vital principle to make the best business decisions and set the right priorities to achieve the desired goals.

10. Accurate Thinking

This is closely related to principle 9: self-discipline. This is all about mind control. Set your needed thoughts to achieve the desired goals prior and eliminate all other unnecessary thoughts.

It’s also called the power of thought: “What you think, so you will become” ~ Napoleon Hill (1937).

11. Controlled Attention

This principle is all about prioritizing time, energy, and mindset to achieve the desired goals. This is the highest form of self-discipline (principle 9).

What is most essential for you, and what prioritized actions do you need, to sustain that focus? This is the hardest for me… what about you? tell me which ones you find harder to achieve en the comments below.

12. Teamwork

TEAM is an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Accomplishes More! It is a fact, based on scientific and empirical studies, that people that work together with the focus on the same objectives can accomplish more than one person alone.

Teamwork, is a crucial asset, along with the other principles, for cooperative success and the common good.

13. Adversity and Defeat

This principle coffers the learning lessons from human errors and failures. You only can grow by learning by making small failures and master the experience. This is also called “temporary defeat,” and it carries a seed of a higher benefit.

14. Creative Vision

To have great and wise business ideas, you’ll need to wake up your imagination. It starts with a simple idea that you can develop in small steps over time, possibly together with others.

Therefore your imagination needs to be free and fearless. It comes from the subconsciousness, and you need to stimulate and develop it, but to succeed you’ll need to enjoy that too, just let any prejudice go and have fun with nonsense ideas first.

15. Health

Basically, you need health to enjoy life and achieve personal fulfillment. This principle coordinates and stimulates all principles.

It also supports conscious choices and giving you endurance. By eating healthy food and challenging both your brain and your body in exercising, you can benefit yourself and others of achieving the common desired goals.

16. Budgeting Time and Money

Time and money are important aspects of success. It’s essential to take the time daily to understand your income and expenses in relation to your desired goals. Both precious resources need to fit in your current plan as well as your future strategy.

Prediction and decision making are key to this principle.

17. Habits

Everybody wants peace of mind, good health, and financial security. Therefore, you need to have developing and positive habits to achieve it.

Are these habits bringing you peace of mind, good health, and financial security? Or, do you need to change them in order to achieve this? What are these habits and what is your plan to change or improve them?

There you go, 17 rules of success.

If you’re thinking they are to many rules! Don’t feel overwent just yet.

In the book, you can work one rule at a time, and you’ll get much more clear in how and when take action. So not excuses go ahead and read the book!

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