If you’re starting to write a Blog Post…

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If you’re starting to write a blog you know not all bloggers are writers, and for a lot of us, it’s a struggle to start and feeling confidence. 

But it doesn’t have to be that hard, or stressful. The key is to have fun with it. That’s so easy to say! Right?

Here you’ll find the most helpful Tips to start writing faster and with confidence.

  • Things to avoid
  • Engage your audience
  • Find your style

First, let’s talk about 3 things to avoid:

1 – Avoid pessimist thoughts.

I have never been a good writer; I’m dyslexic, I don’t have any experience; I’m not good at grammar even in my native language! How I’m supposed to know how to improve my writing?

  • The second you feed these thoughts, they are going to eat you alive. Try this, write them down on a piece of paper, and then write the exact opposite or the possible solution next to it.
    For example:

I have never been a good writer – I love to have new challenges.
I’m dyslexic – It has never been an excuse for Einstein, it makes you unique.
I don’t have any experience – So, I better get started
I’m not good at grammar, even in my native language! – Internet, find the Knowlege I need!

It might seem like a silly exercise, but it helps, remember; half of the battle is in your head.

2 – Be fluent, Avoid the blocking, no matter how!

Have you ever find yourself hanged looking at a blanked screen with the blinking cursor?
Don’t ever let that happen again, even if it means to get up and do something else.

  • Start writing words in a piece of paper, maybe phases or ideas nothing particular just anything that will keep things moving.
  • Start talking at loud, listen to your self, if you feel crazy that’s fine you’re not hurting anybody
  • Record your voice while explaining what you what to write about, for who, and why. Is the best tool for me, I end up writing while I listen to the record, and it gets pretty fast and natural. Now, I use dictation, a  free app, to type with your voice,  but I will recommend to use it once you have more clarity about what you want to say, otherwise is too much editing.
  • See a video on the subject, just one! Or you’ll end up losing all day watching videos. Turn off the autoplay in youtube, it’s dangerous.
  • Start writing sentences in no particular order with no specific relationship with each other, just what comes to mind. Let it rest and come back later; you’ll find a clear vision of what you’re trying to say.

In general, answering the questions; What, why, and for whom keeps things running. Also, you need to know when to stop, if nothing seems to work, do something else, anything, or you’ll end up getting into a deeper blocked-mind. Set the alarm to 5 or 15 minutes and focus on something else.

3 – You can’t afford to be distracted

I’m the queen of no focus. It can get frustrating and even discouraging.

Make a schedule, put your self smaller goals and deadlines, and include them into your calendar. I found that is better to break down the major goal into little tasks, because focusing on baby steps is much more practical, and it gives you the feeling that you’re moving forward and is less stressful.
Pomodoro method. I never really tried this before, and I think it’s the best way to complete a task, It seams faster, and it helps to keep the distractions in line, they become like little prizes.

If you want to try it I’ll recommend you to install it on your computer, not your phone; I installed focus-10, is simple and free.

Ok, let’s move with the tips to engage your readers.

1 – Make it fun for you

If you try to write just for the sake of filling your page with content, you have a problem coming, because eventually, you’ll start to get bored and write like a robot losing the connection with your audience.

It is better to have more high-quality content than a bunch of “blah, blah” articles. The only way to accomplish that is just writing about things you are excited about.

  • Write if you’re committed and genuinely interested in the subject.
    Share your experience.
  • Write about present stuff going on with you; things you’re doing, projects that you’re currently working on, problems you are going through.
  • Write from a personal point of view. If you don’t have something to say, don’t write about it.
  • And the most crucial; write as you were talking to a friend.

2 – Make it fun for the readers

Engage your readers from start to the end. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about something serious.

Something I struggle with, is to make myself clear when I’m talking about technical issues because of course, I understand what I’m talking about, but for others is like… wait, what?…

If it happens when you’re writing, the reader will leave and end of the story.

  • Write as you were writing a story. That way, you’ll take the reader through it.
  • Write as you were talking to a friend. Because when you are not making sense, their faces of “what are you talking about” will pop-up in your head.
  • Put your self in the reader’s place. If it gets boring to you, it would be worst for them. When you finish an article, don’t publish it right away, give it some time and read it later from a critical point of view. I can assure you; you’ll change a couple of things.

It is not always about what you want to say, but about making your point interesting enough. Make sure you are inspiring curiosity, wonder, or interest. Some times to do so, you need to discard some ideas, remember; Entertaining beats precision, always. Is better to use basic metaphoric examples than technically correct ones.

And most important of all; make sure you are providing useful information and please don’t lose focus point of the subject, people are looking for information, and they basically will scan your post to see what is in it for them and you need to consider their time.

have fun, give fun!

Find your Style

For this purpose, I have two things to say; don’t be afraid to screw things up, and practice consistently.

  • If you do not release content at least once a week, you’re not in the right track, at the beginning I was writing trees articles a week, and just one made it to the web. It’s the only way to learn from your mistakes because you will make a couple of them or a bunch of them.
  • Practicing will also help you to find your voice and style; it should feel like you are talking to a friend. And if it doesn’t work I tip that I found useful is to have in mind a person you admire and write as they are talking, it could be a writer, a movie character, a tv host, anyone you want.

It works as an alter-ego, give it a shot!

Now, I hope you start writing like crazy!

If you want the “must-known” writing tips for startups bloggers; like headlines, contend and media read this post. And if you are writing in a foreign language you can read this one.


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Despite the competition, WordPress is still the strongest platform to build a website, some people say that is too complicated, maybe that was true a long time ago, but now it’s pretty easy to use so I wouldn’t recommend any other platform.

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