Review of an Online Income Journey

This is a review of my online income journey, if you relate to any of these I hope my mistakes can save you some time. 🤗

How it all started

My first attempts to earn income online started a few years ago. I can’t remember how it all started. I just know I was stuck, bored, and unfulfilled.

“Being a grown-up suck.” 🤮 I used to say.

online income journey

I didn’t want to accept always asking permission to do something, to my boss or my savings account. I was too tired to do something about it, but I was more afraid to keep going like this.

Although, I never believed in shortcuts in life, but the frustration was escalating, so why don’t we see what online income is about. As you can imagine, I ran into a lot of assholes taking advantage of people’s vulnerability, making promises they couldn’t keep.

Online income experiments

Anyway, I remember my first experiments were quick jobs and surveys. That didn’t last long because even my tedious job was more dynamic than just staring a screen all day with no meaning.

After that, I remember getting into Bitcoin, 😅 don’t judge me. Wich took me to learn about stocks, 🥱 the most boring thing I ever did. Like anything else in life, if you don’t feel passionate about it’s not going to work. Like learning Klingon; worthless unless you really care about it.

So once again, I was still better at my unfulfilling job where at least I could understand what I was doing.

After that, I did some freelancing. And then I focused on a new job that at least was way more challenging and fun. In between, I found ceramics, fall in love with it, and decided to change my career, so almost two years ago, I moved to Barcelona.

And I thought that as an architect I’d be able to find a job to keep studying ceramics, I know I should’ve informed myself better in a lot of things, but still, don’t regret it.

You must know how frustrating it is to be looking for funding, scholarships, jobs all the time. I want to be My own boss, and if I don’t start doing something about it now, maybe I’ll never achieve economic freedom. I don’t want to depend on anybody.

My online entrepreneurial journey

Where to begin? Well, I never thought about online marketing as the answer. Until last year I got the same video series you have on this webpage; it was a mind-opening and huge relief to find it’s value.

I always used to think about marketing as the prostitute of creative careers. But it’s just a powerful tool; if some greedy asshole uses it, it’s not the tool’s fault.

Of course, I needed to learn the skills and make a lot, a lot of mistakes, maybe lose some money in the way, but at least I feel empowered to do something, my mindset changed so much in the last year.

online marketing skills

I’m willing to commit, happy to become an entrepreneur, and with no regrets at all. Even when I tried so many things that didn’t work, they don’t get to become a failure at least I gave up. After all, they brought me here.

My learning curve as an online marketer had its ups and downs, I took a step back a few times; the first time because I made a pause to go for a trip around Europe that let me broke, but it was the best trip ever.

The second time I realized I needed to work my mindset because half the battle is inside of you; It’s way easier to say than to fix it.

The third one was a bit more personal; last Christmas I broke up with my partner. So, lost, broke, and with an awful existential crisis, 😭 it took me like four months to get it together and start over.

At that time, COVID-19 exploited, quarantine, and the shut down started.

The good news was that in my online marketer’s community, our mentors started a challenge, helping me to become productive again.🤓

Finally, back to the drawing table. I needed to rethink what would be more valuable to share, I mean what the hell you can take from what I did.

So I did marketing research to find some answers. What I found instead was the Internet packed with more scams than ever; 🤑 quick money promises, and assholes who take advantage of overwhelmed people, vulnerable people just like me a few years ago. 🤢It reminded me how stressful it was, how frustrating! To hear all these people say, “I made xxxxx$ in no time!” Assholes!🤬🤬🤬

no online income shortcuts

That’s why I decided to share my progress; what I’m doing, learning, my mistakes, and what I took from them.

I’m going to share my weekly progress for a year, and you’ll see that I’ll make it as an online marketer and as an entrepreneur.😎

You can make your bets if you like. 💸

make it as an online marketer

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