My online entrepreneurship journey in 2021

My online entrepreneurship journey in 2021! I know it’s been a while, 😇 but it’s been a crazy year as well, so… this update is about what I’ve been up to since last year (2020)

my crazy entrepreneur journey 2021

The pandemic ended up changing a lot for me; I’ve lived in Barcelona until July but without a stable income and not seen my family for more than two years, I decided it was time to go back to Bolivia. Mainly because my father had an incident, he’s fine now, and I’m happy to be home.

It was bittersweet, living in Barcelona, leave my studies, and pause projects… but as time went by, I realized I’m where I’m supposed to be and just kept going. 😎

Let’s dive in; I’ll share about my online entrepreneurship journey on the different aspects of it:


As you probably notice, I redesigned the whole web. After moving, I saw it needed an update, re-write my strategy, refresh my market research, and the entire branding, which I think it’s still not defined jet—all these from august to November last year.

The blog is not profitable yet; I refuse to use ads on it, mostly because I tend to instantly get out of any web or blog that it’s packed with ads; it’s absurdly annoying, don’t you think?

Even so, I’m considering putting just one at the bottom of each post, but definitely nothing on the homepage; let me know what you think in the comments below.🤗🙏

online entrepreneur blog pinterest youtube E-comerce


I did launch one more marketing campaign when I redesign my blog. It showed I’m getting better because my CTR rate doubled; I finally separated my keyword research from Google and Pinterest. I don’t know why it took me so long to understand Pinterest keywords work just differently. 😅

  • 2019 CTR 0.17 – 0.56
  • 2021 CTR 0.99 – 1.99 (+350%)

Anyway, even if I’m happy with the last campaign, I started doubting because if I can’t rank organically, I’ll always have to spend a lot on ads, and most of my traffic will depend on it.

Due to the fluctuant of my income, I want at least half of my traffic to be organic and be able to compare data; do they have the same behavior? Do they find the blog content helpful?

My organic traffic does show me more engagement, but I don’t have lots of organic traffic; so, I decided to redesign my Pinterest strategy to focus on organic traffic. I started in April, my following doubled in May, but for some reason, it stopped in June.

I’m still checking out why; I’m new at this.


My youtube experiment ended in October last year (if you don’t know, I made a series of videos related to the presidential campaigns in my country from an impartial point of view). I did a fixed on time experiment because Bolivia is a small market, so reading the data and comparing it with other channels was easier.

My main conclusions are:

  • I had trouble making and editing videos on time, which eventually affected my ranking due to the lack of consistency.
  • Youtube definitely gives advantages to the first videos you publish on a new channel, and it’s essential to take it in your favor. (meaning it shows it to way more people)
  • If I do it again, I’ll probably have two or even four months of content ready to publish, so the consistency on those first months will be perfect.
  • Doing market research, using keywords, and providing context on the title and description is one of the most important aspects to rank. (if you’re new).
    Comparing the data of my channel with another impartial political channel, I found my data is way better than theirs, and to be honest; their job is way more relevant than mine.🤭 It means they don’t have a marketing strategy at all.
    They started in February 2020 (Bolivia verifica’s channel), until October 2020; they have more videos but less engagement and like 20 followers (I should’ve taken screenshots from last year’s stats 😇). I started in March, and in October, when the experiment ended, I had a third of the amount of video and 54 followers… But! They kept publishing content, and the channel is slowly growing; I can’t say their consistency is flawless, but now they have 132 followers.
    Again the numbers are not impressive; we are a tiny market. 🐜


In November of last year, I started a project with my mom, you know I’m a ceramist, but my mom is one too; It just makes sense to create something together here in Bolivia.

So after the quick market research, I conclude that it was better to start with Facebook and Instagram and focus on the local market (because sending internationally from Bolivia it’s a nightmare right now 😱), mixing it with fairs instead of creating a physical store (budget reasons). We did the fairs in our front yard, one for Christmas and one for mother’s day (on may here).

online income 2021 it is posible tu use your passion and turn it into a business

It was an exciting experience, mainly because neither of us has a presence on these particular social platforms 🙈(hermits from the heart). We started with ten followers but made a profit of 1000$ in December and 500$ in May.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but that’s 10.000Bs (on our local currency🤑). I used Facebook ads for the fairs; the first attempt was awful; Facebook stopped my ad, saying they thought I wasn’t me. The following two were a learning curve, and the last one didn’t bring that many people but earned me more followers and potential clients who wanted to work with us.

Now, we are working with two new clients making flower plates, and then we have two table lamps; we are saving most of our earnings to buy a ceramic wheel 🤩 soon, I hope 🤞… Considering that it’s a part-time project, it’s not a bad start, right? 😋

In conclusion
My online income journey had a lot of unexpected twists from the beginning. Still, I can’t stop saying that learning marketing and getting into an online economy has empowered me to make things happen, and it just gives sense to my life.

If you want to take the workshop where I learned all about the online world and how you can start, check it out HERE… it’s Free 🤗 Please tell me if you want to know more about any of the subjects here!

crazy beatiful online income journey 2021

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