An Entrepreneur’s Journey, my first steps!

an entrepreneur journey, new adventure

Entrepreneurs Are Born, or Made?

What do you think?

Well, they are humans like the rest of us, right? So if they can; Anyone can, you could, and I will.

I know you can’t just decide to become superman and Voilá! But still, I decided a lot of what it means to be an entrepreneur reflects what I want from my life, and I’m willing to fight for it.

I’ll share with you the beginning of this entrepreneur journey, driving you through the things that got me to the point where changes needed to be done.

An Entrepreneur’s Journey, my first steps!…

I changed my career to studied ceramics, and I’m becoming an online marketer.

At first, I did not really understand how much discipline you need to build something completely new from scratch, on your own.

I mean it’s not like I never worked as an independent, I did it since I can remember. I had been a self-taught person all my life, most of it because I have problems interacting with people and like things my way.

Also, I’m an empiric person, that because I’m too stubborn to listen, so I make a lot of mistakes, and I like learning from them. I mean, sure, some times I want to stamp my head to the wall, but after a while, I appreciate the mistake itself.

Why I’m telling you this? Well because something happened in this last decade of adulthood. Without noticing, I became less happy, less interest in my job, unfulfilled, like I never accomplished anything.

I was so lost! I didn’t know what I wanted in life. I was all the time wandering; “why I’m not successful? Oh! My bad luck, the things that happened in the way, the lack of opportunities…”


And this emptiness made me feel bored with everything. Like I lost my muchness. So started thinking, “maybe it’s part of growing up.”

You might be thinking; “fine, if you’re so independent, then take care of it, change your circumstance, work harder!”

I know, I’m a grown person, after all, right?

But no, I was like a dog chasing its tail.

Until one day, for the blessing of marketing algorithms, I got in a digital marketing mentorship.

Thanks to it, a particular thought started to grow on me “If I have not managed to be successful, there must be something I’m doing wrong, something I’m not seeing. “

So, for once, I decided to shut up and listen … Part of the mentorship program is to learn how to build a strong mindset foundation (something I always took for granted).

But this time, I’m committed to change my life once and for all.
So I read them all, I did everything they said. I opened my mind and my heart to all the advises, and in no time, my perspective changed.

I learned to take responsibility for my current situation, earned more clarity, became more present. And the second I released all my mediocre thoughts, I felt so light, so peaceful.

I stopped having nightmares, I was in a better mood, I had this positive attitude about everything, and my entrepreneur’s journey had officially begun.

In less than a month this happened, the difference was huge !!!!

I’m so glad I went through …

But is just the beginning, I know a lot of hard work is about to come, and I know I’m gonna have bad times, the difference is that this time, I feel stronger inside.

I will love to share my journey with you and I’ll love even more to hear from you.

go explore!

Anyway, in conclusion, if you think you are self-sufficient…

Then you need to know; a big part of it is been able to realize when you could use some help, because it’s a beautiful world out there, and you’re not alone!

Dream big!!!

If you related to anything here, please share in the comments below, I will really like to know about your entrepreneur journey.

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