You need to know these Tips before you Start Writing a Blog

You need to know these tips before you start writing a blog; These are “the must-know” writing tips for beginners bloggers, and the best online free resources and courses to get you started.

Remember, your audience is looking for fast, useful information and they will spend just a few seconds to scan your post and decided if you have what they are looking for, so be considerable and respectful with their time.

I divided these tips into the 3 groups, to match the basics components of a post:

1 – The headline is the most crucial part, this is where the reader decides if they are going to take the time to click on your post or not, and there are some tips to improve your chances to make it work.

  • You need to summarise your content in a few words, so your reader knows what you have to offer.
  • Google the subject you’re writing about; it will give you a better understanding of what keywords you can use. And if your keywords have enough public. (At least 30.000 results would be excellent)
  • Check out the trends from time to time, but be careful, search engines are constantly improving algorithms to provide the good quality result to the public, the best advice I can give you is; make sure that you have that good quality.
  • If you’re going to be intriguing and mysterious, be sure your post can keep up the expectative. Otherwise, the reader will be irritated.
  • You can check headline’s analyzers on the web for free;

And you can check this free course on Linkedin:

2 – Content, your reader will scan your content so make it easy and fast to understand:

  • Begin with an introduction where it’s clear the value you are offering to your readers; You can write it down, put on a list of what they would find or write the questions you are going to answer for them.
  • All the content need to be easy to read (apt 8-11 years old). Stephen Hawking used to write like this so trust him, it’s good advice.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as you can. Easy to scan.
  • Don’t make it too long; a length between 450 and 600 words is perfect (3-5 minutes of reading), and a maximum of 1000 words. (Yes, in this post I hit the top)
  • People are always in a hurry and want information, fast, clear, and fun.

When it comes to the famous SEO, just try to get the basics right, you don’t need to learn this when you’re starting it will just overwhelm you;

  • Include your keywords in the introduction, in the middle, and in the end.
  • Put links (external and internal)
  • An exact match between slug, title, and focus key.
  • Don’t stress about this stuff, algorithms are always changing to find the most valuable content for the public, so be sure you are delivering value, once you have around 15 posts start using google analytics and learn more about this.

Besides, you can check this free course where Chris Nodder explains so much in just one and a half-hour;

3 – Images and video; So, you know that in these days we like to communicate through pictures and videos, it’s faster and entertained to do so, but uploading the wrong type of file can ruin your web making it slow or worst, so keep in consideration some tips;

  • Always save your images for the internet, and not in a bigger size than necessary; not heavier than 60k. for example, the biggest image in this post is 900×1200 pixels and 50K.
Resultado de imagen de canva logo
  • Now I’m using the free version of Canva to make all type of images. It’s easy to use, you have a lot of templates, a lot of free material, and the quality is just perfect. I love it!
Resultado de imagen de headliner logo
  • For longer videos video, I can recommend Headliner, It’s simple to use, and it allows you to create till 10 minutes of video. 
Resultado de imagen de wave video logo
  • The second one is Wave; I use this one for shorter videos. It’s even more simple to use, but if you have the free version you can’t download, you have to share it directly on a social platform.
  • If you use photoshop to improve the images a little bit, you can check this video, they have everything you’ll need to know to get started:

Also, never upload videos directly, it’s better to do it via youtube or any other platform, that way you’ll be sure it does not affect the speed of your web and is very simple:

Lastly, I hope you find this helpful. If you have any other resource you like to share I would love to check it out.

If you find yourself in black or you feel like you need to develop your own style read this post, and if you’re writing in a foreign language read this one.


Aweber it’s an email marketing platform that will help you to build up your list of subscribers. I know there’s a lot of options out there but I like this one as a company, the support team, the value they offer and there’s a lot of free templates for you to use.

Despite the competition, WordPress is still the strongest platform to build a website, some people say that is too complicated, maybe that was true a long time ago, but now it’s pretty easy to use so I wouldn’t recommend any other platform.

Don’t make me Think by Steve Krug; it’s a classic for everyone involved in websites. It’s a fun book to read, he shares an incredible amount of useful information, but most valuable; the passion and honesty of the author are unmistakable.

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