Improve your business

Improve your business!

Creating a successful business takes a lot of guts, you need to be clear on where you are going, and how you’ll get there; one mistake, and you’re off the game.

Startup’s rate statistics of small business
80 percent made it to the second year
70 percent made it to the third year
62 percent made it to the fourth year
56 percent made it to the fifth year

The odds are not in your favor, and this shouldn’t stop you, but push you.

Here I’ll share some right mindset tips and a free workshop on digital business.

So what does it takes to grow a successful business?

Some will say you need to go online, use social media, double your marketing budget, or update your image. But those are solutions to specific symptoms. What you need to do before implementing any of them is to take a deep look into your business model, from a constructive point of view, rethink your approach and analyze the ups and downs.

Here’re some ideas:


It is all about being at the right time in front of the right person. Your company is built around an idea, so, how does this idea interact with the context? With your audience? And with your competition?

Whoever sells to the right people wins, but when do they make that sell is more important; That specific moment is crucial, and a clue for you.

Don’t try to control the situation

When things start to go wrong, we tend to panic and tried to contain the situation. But failure can give a considerable advantage if used correctly; break it down, recognized the patterns, and analyze them. Are they coming from outside? Or inside?


10 seconds before any conclusion, works in any circumstance, no reason why it shouldn’t work in businesses as well.


Now that you have some insides and data, what is going to happen next? Anticipate, predictions in the short term are as crucial as long term’s, but they can’t work individually. Moreover, the solutions for both times can’t contradict each other.


“Everybody has a plan until someone punches you in the face.”

-Mike Tyson-

Your customer is your reality punch, take it and move with it, they are not going to stay still and either should you. Keep adapting, keep anticipating; you can’t wait to have a failure, analyze what’s working, why, and how to take advantage of it.

Pick up

Pick a path, and follow it until it’s proven to be wrong, take responsibility for the outcome being conscious that there are no negative outcomes, everything is part of the process.

Don’t try more than you can manage, it’s better to become a badass in one area than a mediocre wannabe in everything.

Give value

When you’re trying to compete and grow your business, you’ll tend to study what type of business plan works, what SEO marketing strategy is the best, or what are the latest trends.

When the truth is that people are constantly looking for value, search engines are always improving their algorithms to find the best fit, and people will follow whatever gives the most benefit to them.

So, get more worried about the value that you offer than the income you’re receiving.

Back to the drawing table

The exiting part is to move on and start making things happen, you might switch a few things, or you might change a lot, it’s a try and error process.

When it comes to business there’s no doubt that now we live in a digital world and most of the businesses are running online. But it is too overwhelming; whom to listen and what desitions to make.

If this is your case, here’s a free workshop that can give you an overall view of how online business works and what is the potential of it. If it doesn’t fit you, at least you’ll get a bit more knowledge on the matter.

Free Workshop

Build your business; Expand your mind!