How to start a YouTube Channel

This week it’s video making, and how to start a youtube channel.

I’m starting a youtube channel (in Spanish, sorry🤭) the purpose of it is informative and a bit political, but anyway I’m going to walk you through all the steps to launch your first video.

  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Expectation, know your numbers
  • Write a script
  • Copywriting skills; Title and description
  • Video Making
  • Video Editing
  • Branding
start a youtube channel

Niche research

Like any other business, you need to know your audience; that’s what your niche is, who they are, what do they need, what type of value you can offer. Most likely, you want to target people like you.

Once you define what type of channel you want to do (food, gaming, design, tutorials, funny ideas, everything has an audience), you need to see what’s out there? What are you going to bring to the table? What’s the value you are adding? Has it not been done yet?

Write things down and be as specific as you can.

In my case, I’m targeting people between 25 and 40 years old, who’re confused or indecisive about the political situation in my country.
I know my proposal has not been made yet, and my values are neutrality and chewing the information so that people can use it easier.

Do your keyword research.

This one is the hardest one to get used to and probably the most important. Keyword research is where you understand your audience; you need to keep in mind that it’s not about you but about what they want.

You can use any of these three options, but I would go through each one of them: (Create an excel with all your results)
Go to Google and search for your topic, analyze the content you find. start taking keyword on your excel.
Use google trends to see people interested in your topic over time; you can search for specific countries or the whole world.
Go into Google AdWords and search for specific keywords, you’ll get a lot of suggestions from it. Once you’re in, you need to go to tools, keyword planning, and then discover new keywords.

For my excel, I considered some research terms, general keywords, and specific keywords over 30 in total, it does not seem that much, but my niche is quite small.

Expectation, know your numbers

If you’re looking to monetize your videos, you’ll need to know how Youtube really works:

Youtube requires you to have at least 4000 views before you can put ads on your videos.
It pays differently according to the country your viewers are.
Not every view is payable; basically, you just get pay if they see it directly from Youtube, not from another platform because most of them won’t even show the adds.

For example, to make an income of 1000$ in the US, your video needs 100.000 payable views with one ad. And 50.000 payable views with two ads inside the video (average of 0.04$ per view).

You’ll need to plan your time and expectations, especially if you want to get organic traffic. Don’t worry, if you’re doing something you actually like, it won’t be hard at all.

In terms of SEO, the algorithms are changing all the time to make sure all the good quality content is getting to the right people, so the only thing you need to really really worried about is to create good quality content and do your homework (keyword research).

In my case my whole niche has around 2 million people, I worked on content making three months before launching a video, and I expected to get to 10% of my niche, (100,000 people) in the next three months.

Write a script

You’ll need to write a script depending on your topic; for example, if you’re making tutorials, it’s more necessary, you don’t want to waste your audience’s time. They’ll get annoyed and leave.

If you decide you don’t need to write a script, at least give your video some structure, so you don’t ramble or lose focus on the topic.

Of course, It all depends on your niche research, and on what you’re delivering. My strongest advice is to make it consistent with yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else; people can always tell.

One more thing, keep in mind you don’t want people just to watch your videos for a few seconds, especially if you are going for organic traffic. Google will recognize if people are not engaging, and it will not suggest your videos.

For my first video, I did not write a script, and I had to remake it a lot of times until I finally did write one; in the end, writing a script saved me time on editing, and it’s a lot easier to estimate the length of your video.

youtube organic trafic

Copywriting skills; Title and description

In this stage is where all your keyword research pays off, organic traffic will come depending on how good you did it and how good you put it together; in your title and your description.

Youtube allows you to write long titles; don’t waste it; include as much as keywords as you can, from general to specific.

Following; your description, Youtube does not have a limit for it; you can put as many links you like, and as much as much information you need.

Take all your keywords and write a simple description, most people won’t read it, but it’s what Google uses to give you all that organic traffic you want. But you steel want to make it easy to understand for anyone; it needs to make sense.

For my headline, I took the three most important keywords, and a few words that create engagement, like how-to, new, best, review, time, and location could be important depending on your content.

Youtube video making

Video Making

How to get comfortable in front of a camera

If you’re anything like me, you’re not that social; I am definitely not one of those people who are always taking selfies and stuff. Don’t get too frustrated, at first you hate the sound of your voice or some of your gestures, but you’ll get used to it.

The advice I have for you is to make sure you’re looking to the camera when you’re supposed to (you need to connect with your audience), imagine you’re talking to a friend, and practice, practice, practice.

When I started I get frustrated with all the stupid mistakes I made, I felt silly at times, I hated my voice. Now, I don’t give a shit.
Yes, I still have so much to learn, but I’m just letting go of all the prejudgments with myself. If I can anyone can!


The good news is that you can use your phone to do almost anything, so don’t invest in a camera unless you know what you’re doing.
Make sure you have good lighting, natural or artificial.
Audio is the most important factor, I know it’s a video what am I saying? But it is. You need to have a clear sound.
Make a few tests to verify everything is working, and you’re good to go.

If you need to make a thousand shoots of the same video, do it. Don’t think about it too much is better to have a good shoot that spending an eternity trying to fix it with video editing.

You don’t need to make a huge investment, the only thing I would recommend you to buy is a microphone. I bought the cheapest Amazon choice, 16 Euro, I think.

I made my videos in my bedroom in front of the window. I don’t even remember how many times I repeated the first one, but a few times I decided to remake them while I was editing. That wasn’t funny at all.

Video editing

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the apps out there, try a few ones, find one you feel comfortable with, learn the basics, and that’s it. (I use Adobe Premiere)

Don’t try to become an expert (unless you want to) don’t lose to much time on it. Just remember a few things;
You need to be consistent, keep in mind anything you do in the first video, you’ll need to do in the next ones, so keep it simple.
Check your audio volume, don’t trust your headphones, especially if you’re adding music.
YouTube video format based on the platform’s recommendations is the MP4 file type. Also recommends opting for the following to be able to create high quality 1080p HD content:
H.264 codec (which is one of the most efficient options out there, allowing for a small file size without sacrificing video quality)
15-20 mbps
A standard aspect ratio of 16:9 (this is particularly important for mobile)
An audio codec of AAC-LC

For my channel, I use Adobe Premiere, I know the basics, a few shortcuts, and how to navigate through the program, nothing else.


A lot of people think you need to have a big opening on your videos and a clear brand, I’m not necessarily against that, but I know that it is more important to be consistent.

You could pick a color and a font, and you’ll be good to go. It depends on you how complicated you want it to be, just have in mind it needs to be consistent with your content, your audience, and with yourself. Many successful YouTubers barely have branding design on their channel.

For my channel, I downloaded a few video effects for the introduction and the end of the video. It’s white and simple; I don’t use music because, in my case, it is distracting; I just want to be clear and neutral. Of course, everything depends on your content and your style, but my advice is don’t over complicate things.

So let’s start a youtube channel! Leave your questions in the comments below! I’ll be sharing with you my organic traffic progress; day 4-15 organic views

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