How to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign 101

How to start a crowdfunding campaign from A to B? This is a basic 101 guide for beginners; I’m a marketer, but some time ago crowdfunding was something new to me too, and I can assure you it can become a full-time job.

But who said fear! The first time you do anything takes longer than you thought and even became stressful to don’t know your way around, but once you do it, it’s done! And you’ll get better.

Keep in mind you’ll need to organize and schedule a lot, so your crowdfunding campaign needs time before you launch it, not a big deal, but some people think it’s just opening a profile on any platform, and money comes, that’s not the case.

Let’s start by dividing your crowdfunding campaign into three different stages.

Three phases of a crowdfunding campaign

Stage 1 – Baking it

Make your research of different platforms to see which one is better for you and your market. A few things to consider are
Is it based on your country, or is it an international campaign, for example, does it accept international banks or just American.
Will you need a PayPal account?

How much is the platform’s commission per transaction
Is it often used for personal purposes, projects, startups, companies, or nonprofits?

If the platform it’s only used for personal support, maybe it’s not very good for a large company. There are particular platforms, have patience, ask on Quora and choose one that works for you.

You’ll need to draw into the internet and find campaigns on your niche similar to what you have in mind. It’s not just to see what they are doing but learn what works and apply it uniquely.

If you’re savvy on this, do market research as it should be; if you’re not just look for people achieving the things you want, put it into an excel, a vision board, write it down, organize and learn from it.

Brainstorm about the type of content you can create with the budget or cero budget you have, with your team, or the skill set you have, don’t panic; you can make it work.

Once you do your research, the strategy starts taking form in your head, but it’s not enough, let’s bring it out. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your own or you have to present your crowdfunding proposal for your job. Write one.

Need or not to present a proposal, you must write it because it is the most productive and effective way to structure your strategy, have real goals, and let all that’s in your head get together like a puzzle. Please don’t skip it, and make sure the purpose of your campaign is crystal clear.

Once you have this, you can go ahead and start putting dates; if you’re more visual like me, a Gantt chart will do; anything that works for you, put dates on things.

We don’t plan because things happen as planned; we plan because otherwise, it doesn’t happen.

The last thing is to do in this phase is decide whether you’re going to launch the campaign with an online event, or live event face-to-face; what it’s going to be?

Crowdfunding 101

Stage 2 The behind the scenes

Now is time to act on it, focus on the problem you’re solving, the purpose that moves you, and the vision you have.

Start creating the content right away; If you start writing and then you’re blank, get up and let it rest, read something related that inspires you anything you need to do to have a clear speech.

For the visual, if you have a team, be sure to be clear on how you want the content to feel. If you’re on your own, start creating the visuals, try out things, colors, fonts, don’t be afraid, do it until it feels right.

Once you have your speech and your visuals more clear start creating all the content, you’re going to need.

This is a short 101 list of the content you should have. *this can be on social media, emails, and on the platform itself.
  • Explain the problem, the purpose, the goal
  • Inspire with the solution, the project, the vision
  • Create a movement with hashtags, challenges, ask question
  • Expose why that amount of money, and how are you going to use it
  • Share the human part of the project; process, behind the camera, present your team, present yourself. Don’t be afraid of being exposed; get out of your head; your campaign is more important
  • Share the progress you’re making
  • Big announcements; like our live event is going to be hosted by… blablabla
  • sneak peeks
  • Who are you talking with (about the project)
  • You’ll need presentations, some more formal, others more casual.
  • Countings down
  • Launch day content
  • Thank you letters, maybe print on demand gifts or rewards, also depending on your project.
  • Reports, make them easy to understand
  • Each campaign is unique; take that advantage and get creative. The only thing you need to keep in mind all the time is the emotional connection with your audience. Don’t lie to them.

You’ve been announcing your campaign for some time on social media, you explained the problem, expose the facts, you already created your profile on the platform, now there’s just the count back to the launching event.

Online fundraise

Stage 3 – Break a leg.

Now you’re on stage! but I told you it’s a full-time job, and the play is not stopping yet.

Once your campaign reaches the end, you can count down again because sometimes the last days are the most profitable; you can also have a closing campaign event.

After it’s done, you need to do the project you raised the money for and keep sharing; progress behind the scenes, reports, everything.

You need to make sure every thank-you email has been sent, every reward or gift. But most importantly, you need to make sure you are letting everybody know where the money is going, how’s your project doing, the progress, the challenges, the funny stuff.

It’s not that you have to be an open book, but you’re asking people for their money, so the decent thing to do is be grateful and let them feel that it was worth it, that they are part of it.

It is a full-time job, but it gets easier and part of a routine. With time you’ll see it even help, so you don’t have to overthink about your content on social media; it’s a new era, better for us to share what’s good and matters to us!

If you’ll like to learn what I know, take this FREE workshop; it might change your life as it did change mine.

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