How to Rock it on 2022 with Realistic Resolutions

How many times did you promise crazy things to yourself for the new year! You’ll lose weight, read one book a week, or become a millionaire this time. Well, let’s see how you can rock it this year with realistic resolutions.

Isn’t it so depressing when the holidays arrived, and you realized you did nothing you were supposed to? Not even one last year’s resolution was accomplished.

resolution wish desire, make it happen

I used to feel stuck and mediocre for way more years than I’d want to admit; it sucks! So let’s make sure this year you’ll feel proud of all your ”done it” ”made it” ”rocked it.”

Let’s get to it!

First grab a piece of paper and something to write, don’t worry, I’m not giving you homework.

The four wishes to rock it this year

The Four wishes

Write down FOUR wishes for this year in the following order (take your time):

-Self wish something just for you and about you
-Health or lifestyle-related
-Social, love, relationships
-Wealth, let’s face it, we all want more money, there’s nothing wrong with that; the important thing is to know why you want it.

self health wealth social resolutions for this year

The double-check

Split your wishes into little steps; what needs to happen for your wish to come true,

The idea is that you design the big picture and realize if you will accomplish your wishes; when you split them into baby steps, you might discover your priorities and become more aware of the time you need to take each step. Go ahead and write them down with an estimated time.

My advice is to focus on one main GOAL as a new year’s resolution and make the rest part of your daily or weekly routine, so it doesn’t vanish.

It might sound like you’re lowering your expectations, but wait, how big will it look next year? One baby step for a month can change the game for you.

how to transform new year resolutions into reality

Just do it!

Translate your goals into little things to build a routine; for some people, it takes eight repetitions to stick; for some, a month, for me, is three months.

In my case, my routine has a way more positive impact than creating crazy goals for myself. I would’ve not been able to get here without it.

All blessings to you, and I truly hope we all get to make our dreams come true this year!

don't wish it, work for it

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