How I went from Volunteer to Creative Director

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So, from volunteer to creative director, yes. But before we get into that, let me update you about everything else.

You already know I’m an online marketer/architect/ceramic artist, and if you read the last post, you also know I came back to Bolivia last year.

my online sales ceramic studio

The Ceramic studio

The ceramic studio I started with my mom is going okay; we slowed it down for a while this month for lots of personal issues. Not stopping though, we have to send the lamps we made for this lovely lady, and yesterday we sold a salad bowl and a cake’s plate.

I know it doesn’t sound like a huge success, but at least it’s moving forward, slow, but still.

The blog

I’ve felt on pause these past few months due to all the craziness, but I convince myself I’m going to be ok, my dreams are coming true, and I won’t give up.

By no means do I want to paint false illusions about this business; I think it’s crucial to keep it real, so others like me won’t make unrealistic expectations. A solo entrepreneur’s journey is hard to bear, and if it is an online business, you’re all alone, and it’s totally up to you; it is easier to lose focus and will.

Which is so funny, when I was trapped in my 8 to 8 job, I used to dream about the day it would be all my decision, my own boss, everything will be totally up to me. Easy? No way, but if it were, everybody would do it.

where will my online income leads

I’m still writing, as you can see but a lot less than usual; I want to write more about how-to’s, tips, and helpful branding, marketing, entrepreneurial content.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! 🤩

New projects

There are two big pieces of news I want to share with you today.

The new design studio.

I got together with some collages, and we talked about how we could help businesses with soul and potential but lack branding, graphic design, and infrastructure. We all have different talents, so we could join forces and start an all-in-one design studio.

We are already establishing our brand’s mission, vision, and strategy; would you like to hear more about that?

Soon enough, you’ll be hearing more news about “ANIMISMO creativo.”

From volunteer to creative director

Since I came back, something was missing; in Barcelona, I was a volunteer for social footing, a really cool ONG working against food wasting. I figured might be helpful to look for a volunteer program here in Bolivia.

I needed to feel useful again, I found a program for social housing, and of course, I sent my application.

But, when they called, it was to say, “due to the f$%^&* COVID, we don’t have any activities, you can come for the interview anyway, and when we start again, we’ll call you back.”

from volunteer to creative director

We got to chat and get along pretty well; a few months later, they called me again for an interview, I thought they were opening the program again, but no, they liked my curriculum and saw I could help them with the branding and marketing strategy, the fundraising, and to manage the construction site.

Sorry, I didn’t explain the Fuller Center vision; they believe people’s love and care for each other can build a better world and help people in need build their homes.

The exciting part is that I was looking for a constant; I was applying for remote, part-time jobs on IDEALIST (just for ONGs) For social media manager or community manager because I thought I could start there…

And I got a job to direct the whole department, crazy, right?

It’s scary, but I’m excited about what’s coming; more than that, I’m grateful for the opportunity. And to anyone who’s feeling beat right now, just hang on to your dreams with all your heart and don’t give up!

I’m an online marketer/architect/ceramic artist/entrepreneur; the online business universe and the internet economy did change my life. Do you want to change It too?

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