Don’t make me Think – Book Review

Don’t make me Think by Steve Krug; it’s a classic for everyone involved in web design. It’s a fun book to read, but most valuable, the passion and honesty of the author are unmistakable.

Although a lot has changed since his first publication in 2000, you’ll see we still struggle with the same mistakes. His approach of usability begins from common sense and ends with accessibility for all. But we often forgot that a project is not about us, but the user, most often because our ego gets in the way.

“If something is hard to use, I just don’t use it as much”
-Steve Krug’s wife, Melanie-

It’s a thin book, on purpose.

He makes it this way so “it’s more likely to actually be used” an because “You don’t need to know everything” so, he covers the big picture for everybody involved in building Web sites;

  • Basics of design
  • User’s thinking
  • Teamwork
  • The myths of what people like, or want
  • Testing, very important
  • Accessibility
  • And a lot of common sense.

-“What’s the most important thing I should do if I want to make sure my website is easy to use?”

-“Don’t make me think!”
I’ve been telling people for years that this is my first law of usability. And the more Web pages I look at, the more convinced I become.
It means that as far as is humanly possible, when I look at a Web page it should be self-evident. Obvious. Self-explanatory”
-Steve Krug-

“Don’t make me Think” is a book that definitely accomplishes his purpose; you’ll get the big picture, the common sense, erase the unuseful myths, and earn more kindness with your audience.

If you read it, tell me what do think about it. And if you didn’t, enjoy!

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