Need Reasons to Procrastinate?

 want to Procrastinate?

If you need reasons to procrastinate let me tell you; you have them, but you don’t know which one is a good reason.

We all tend to search approval for our behavior; from ourself or outsourcing it from other people. Either way, you want to have that little voice telling you that it’s ok to do this, and not that. 

Having a good reason to procrastinating is part of this equation; a good reason won’t make you feel bad tomorrow.

What you need to know is how to distinguish between reason/pretext or a reason/argument; because if it’s a reason/argument, it’s a good reason! 

Half of the time you think you’re procrastinating, you’re enjoying life or hiding your head under the ground. So, which is it?

According to your relationship with the task you want to procrastinate, pick one of the following groups:

  • Perfectionism
  • Lazy
  • Guilt

I’m sure you’ll find your self in different groups with different tasks, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t lie to yourself and stop outsourcing your decisions.


You’re here if your relationship with the task is;
don’t know how to do it
don’t believe I can
not going to do it right anyway
not delivering is better than doing it wrong
feel weird, wheek, or foolish

Reason/argument – Great! It is the type of procrastination that is easy to proof, and easy to fixed because it’s not like you don’t want to do something, is that you don’t have the knowledge, training, or confidence you think you need. So don’t worry, you need to learn how to enjoy more the process than the result:

2- Guilt

You’re here if your relationship with the task is;
it’d be irresponsible
have priorities
it can wait
don’t deserve it
don’t have time right now

Reason/argument – This one is a little bit harder because you’re fighting with yourself between things that are important to you in different ways, and most of the time you can’t see how valuable they really are to you.
But is also a little bit easier because you don’t need to fix anything, you need to re-thinking and re-order your priorities so you can have an argument that becomes your desition:

3- Lazy

You’re here if your relationship with the task is;
don’t care
not in the mood
don’t want to
don’t have the responsibility to do it

Reason/pretext – This is the hardest one because it’s probably already within your routine. So the first step is to ask your self why? And see if the answer takes you to the other two groups.

If not, sorry my friend, but you don’t have a good reason!
You’re just lazy!

You can fix it changing your routine and stop outsourcing rewards and gratification for your behavior! Because they are just bad habits you don’t need them.

In conclusion

I found my self in all these groups of procrastination I don’t know why but I hope you did too.

The best argument you can have to enjoy procrastination is to take responsibility for your decisions, and why you do this, and not that.

You can’t even call it “procrastination” if it’s what you want and decided to do. Need more reasons to Procrastinate?

More stuff to keep procrastinating now:

If you liked the video in this post, here’s his book, it also comes in audiobook.
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—Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

book, born a crime

A great book to enjoy and procrastinate on propose; Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah is fun, moving, and exciting to read. If you didn’t know; Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, the host of “The Daily Show,” and the son of a Xhosa mother and a Swiss-German father and his very own existence, was in fact, a crime

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