Create the Life you Truly Want

Use your Passion to Create the Life you Truly Want

Thinking that you can pursue your passion can seem almost idealistic, so you end up doing what you can with what you have?

I refuse to settle for this idea, what about you? Let’s see how to mix your passion for success and then I’ll share with you a free workshop to transform it all into a profitable business.

Your passion is your fuel, but it will also follow you where ever you go. You just need the right ingredients to make it work.

3 ingredients to be precise:

First ingredient; Passion

If you have a definite passion you’re lucky, I mean; really lucky. In fact, 8 out of 10 of us don’t have a single passion, although, when you finally decide to go for one, something else holds you back:

How to make it sustainable? So you can live from it.

That’s why you need more ingredients, passion by itself won’t give you a sustainable life for the long term, here is where the extra ingredients make sense.

Second ingredient; Value

Giving value to the world is the only way to feel useful and have a meaningful life. The more you can share, the best.

Don’t worry you don’t need to become a superhero; there’s a lot of problems in this world and a lot of people struggling with something you already know how to solve or have the will to do so.

Careful, don’t let your imaginary limitations stopped you; “I need more experience,” “I’m not an authority to talk about any subject.” Certainty, you know a lot more than you think, and your experiences have more value to others than you can possibly imagen.

You shouldn’t wait to have enough confidence; it would be like feeling sure about how to live before living.

Third ingredient; Adapt

It’s the hardest one, and also a paradox because it’s a survival instinct, we’are born with it, but we forget our natural talent as we grow up.

Sometimes for being too attached to a belief system, a goal or a perspective. But nothing stays still in this world and shouldn’t do you.

Adaptation appears naturally in extreme circumstances; when we feel threatened, or don’t have another choice. Although, you can also decide whats a survival threat for you;

Are you afraid of fighting for the life you want? Or are you more afraid of having a pointless existence?

There you go, these are the three ingredients to create the life you want;

– Passion as the fuel.
– Value to the world, for fulfillment.
– Adapt to succeed.

Wait, how to mix them up? Well, the bad news is that there’s not a perfect recipe. The good news is that you don’t need to use the same order or an exact quantity of each ingredient, and this also means; you can’t spoil it up.

The recipe I’m using is not that sophisticated; trial and error, that’s it.

I’m an architect/ceramist/and a now, also a blogger. My passion is the
the illusion of creating, my value is to share everything that I can with anyone that can use it, and my fuel to adapt to this digital world for my family, my love, and my curiosity.

I’m learning how to build a Digital Bussines, market it online, and how to change my mindset. Of course, I’m not doing it alone; I have great mentors and the feedback of a great community of passionate people.

Everything started in this free workshop that I’m glad to share with you today.

Free Workshop

This has been an incredible journey for me! I hope to see you there! But if not, I wish you find your own recipe, very, very soon.

Create the Life you truly Want!
Don’t settle for anything less

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