Do you want to Change your Career? Read this before

“70 percent of workers say they don’t feel satisfied with their career choices”

I use to be one of them. Now, I’m making a transition from architect to ceramist\blogger, I’m still on it, but I’d have appreciated if someone had told me this before:

  • Transitions are messy, always.
  • You need to adapt.
  • There’s a lot of figuring out to do; the only way of figuring it out is doing.
  • Forget about multiple goals.
  • Know when you’re ready to change.
  • Be aware of your priorities and how they changed through time.
  • You get to decide how your life is going to be.
  • You didn’t waste time.

Transitions are messy, always

It’s not going to be a smooth transition. Don’t spect to have the control all the time; when you feel overwhelmed, take a step back, look the forest, not the tree.

It can be stressing having ups and downs followed with doubts and fears; look at it as a security mechanism. If you keep fighting is because you really want it. Otherwise, how would you know?

You need to adapt

The only thing that went as planned was that I came to Barcelona to study; everything else has changed. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t lose my purpose, I found it.

If you ask me; how do I know when to adapt and change my plan? Well, life won’t give you a lot of options, so don’t worry, you’ll know.

There’s a lot of figuring out to do; the only way of figuring it out is doing.

Sometimes we wait too much to start taking action; first, I need to have this, or plan that or learn the other thing. It reminds me of something we used to say at work; Paper can stand anything. Real-life is a whole different thing.

I hear you; you need to know where you’re going! Yes, you need to have a center and north, not a goal.

The difference is that your center is your values, it would help you in decision making.

Your north is your purpose; all the strings you pull, from all the things you want to do; they’ll join somewhere, that’s your north.

A goal is too simple, too easy to lose.

Forget about multiple goals

Your goals are supposed to be aligned to your north. Finding your purpose gives you a sense of direction, if you have goals pointing in different directions, you won’t go anywhere.

Let’s be honest; you can clone yourself or you can redirect everything in the same direction.

Know when you’re ready to change

This is a tricky one, in my case, I was going through a tough time, I had a hole in my chest and felt like a hundred years old. So it was clear, I needed a fresh start.

It doesn’t have to be the same for you, unfortunately, in this case, my own experience is the only thing I have to offer.

Be aware of your priorities and how they changed through time

Do you remember your dreams? What was important to you then? Did you lock them away? You are a grown-up now, you need to be realistic and pay the bills.

We all let that happen, and we all can fix it; you will be as happy as you allow yourself to be, you don’t have to choose, you can do both, it is just going to be a lot harder.

Your priority is to survive or to be alive?

You get to decide how your life is going to be

No matter how much you struggle with unfortunate circumstances, you get to decide the outcome. I know it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

But making your self responsible for your happiness gives you a sense of control, it empowers you. It’s game-changing.

One last thing; You didn’t waste your time.

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The sense than you made a mistake or you’re failing, is normal. But let me tell you that your knowledge and experience will come with you, it is an asset, not a waste.

Mine wasn’t a drastic change, but my background gives me a different point of view.

Even if you’re coming from a further background, it will give you that new fresh perspective that has a huge value to offer; take it, and use it.

Changing your career is not an easy decision to make, but I hope this was helpful, so tell me, what’s your biggest fear about changing your career?

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    1. I know there’re so many people going through the same things, it’s good to know we are not alone right? 😋

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