Are you Bored with your Job?

bored at work

“Yes, I’m bored with my job!” such a common phrase these days!

Believe me; I’ve been there too. Why does this happen to so many people?

“An  OfficeTeam survey found that 28 percent of workers said their work becomes more of a snoozefest in winter, while 45 percent said the boredom holds steady year-round…” 45 percent!!!


Boredom is your body telling you it’s time to change the game; similar to feeling hungry or thirsty. Why again? Because your mind and your soul need stimulation to keep functioning!

Nina Ham, a psychotherapist and a career coach in Berkeley, Calif., says it is important to see boredom as a “call to action.”

How I get rid of it?

There’re 4 steps you can use to get out of that boring state. 


I’m going to use two examples to explain it better;

1– The feeling of being stuck.
2– The sense of not belonging there.

Do you relate to one of these groups?

1- You feel stuck in a place that doesn’t represent a fun challenge anymore.

David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom have some advice for you:

1-Embrace the feeling.  Embrace your boredom and ask yourself;

It’s my career or the path that it took?
Have I mastered my current job?
Can I keep growing?
Do I want to?
What did I expect from my career?
How can I get it? Don’t put buts while you answer, take your time to think about it and make a plan to action. You don’t need to start tomorrow, as long as you don’t leave it to fate.

2-Think about others. When we’re bored, we’re only thinking about how miserable we are. Switch your focus to other people. Start to think about how your work could positively impact the lives of others. Our research shows that 88 percent of award-winning projects start this question; “What impact could I create that other people would love?”
3-Elevate the challenge. Psychologists say monotony is one the most common causes of boredom. Often, our natural response to monotony is to seek external stimulation. But, the most natural cure for monotony derives from our internal stimulation; raising the bar, challenging ourselves to create bigger results, and setting goals that sometimes seem out of reach.
4-Repeat until you’re bored again

bored with life

2- You don’t belong there; you know your current job is not going to give you the life that you want.

1-Embrace the feeling.  Accept you are the only person who can take you out of there, and take some time to answer these questions;

What type of lifestyle do I want to have?
Have I found my passion in life?
Do I want to wait until I’m retired to do what I love?
What I’m waiting?
Am I willing to fight for what I want?
If you have a goal to fight for, a current job could become the source of resources, or it will give you a purpose.

2-Think about others. How can you take your passion and deliver a service, or solve a problem, or deliver value? Tons of inspiration will come from there, and you will create a higher purpose.
3-Elevate the challenge. Stop settling down for what it is and make a plan, put your self a challenge, a deadline, and a schedule to follow. Start with little things and become your own source of power.
4-Repeat until you’re bored again. You shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new.

Take action!

In any case, you’re the only one responsible for pulling you out of that state. Unless you want to keep living like that?

Now, I hope you give these 4 steps a try and your job stops boring you!

Being bored sucks! but it’s up to you!

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