Ceramic artist, architect & online marketer

Hi, welcome!

ceramic artist

My name is Noellia; I'm so glad you're here! 🤗

I'm from Bolivia. I worked as an architect there for like seven years until I reached the point where my job was sucking all the love I had left for my career.

I started wondering; why I chose this life? Why don't I feel stimulated or passionate about it anymore?

Somewhere in the way, I found ceramics, and I fall in love with it, the material, the techniques, the process, everything.😍

I won't fully abandon my career, but it is no longer the path I want to follow. So, I decided that I didn't want to wait until I'm fifty to start doing what I love, and long story short, I changed my career.

Then, I saved all the money I could, and with a little bit of help, I came to Barcelona to study ceramics. The plan was to find a job as an architect to fund my studies and start my own business on the side.

But when I got here, I didn't find a job, and then I kept looking for a job, and I kept looking for a scholarship, and the money was dropping off, and I started to panic... 😱

Eventually, I did find temporary jobs, but It wasn't enough! Even that I keep working remotely as an architect with some clients in my country. It just wasn't enough.

I knew that if I didn't make this work, I would have to go back home with no money and a huge failure.

That's when a YouTube ad found me! Yes, an ad... the guy in the ad does not talk about a shortcut in life or a magic recipe, so I said, "ok" I have nothing to lose; let's hear what he has to say"…

When I realized it was about online marketing, I was a little skeptical. I already hearted about magical business, and those sounded like a scam to me.

But as I kept reading, I started feeling more and more curious because you can have access to so many tools and information that I could actually use to build something on my own. (be my own boss)💪

So, I decided to take the Free Workshop; where Stuart (who has this amazing authentic energy) gives a big picture of what you can do with an online business model.

What I loved the most is understanding that these tools are not just for big companies, but for normal people who want to have more freedom and find purpose in their lives—inspiring, right?

This is about accomplishing anything in any field, just that you can do it a lot faster with his model.

I saw this huge potential, and that was it!

You know, when something feels right? And you trust yourself to do something completely new?

… maybe it would take months, or a year, it doesn't matter, because this depends on me and only on me.😎

Today, I'm so glad to say that I went all the way in! Since then, my life changed because my perspective changed. They helped me see how many times I've been in my way, why I sabotage myself, and what I needed to do to fix it. And voila! ✨

Now, I'm here on a beautiful journey, talking to you about this fantastic community, packed with so many great people from all around the world.

And yes, I'm a ceramic artist now…

If you want to shift your life, I'm more than happy to help; you can contact me directly or access the FREE Workshop here.

me and my dog