My name is Noellia Becerra, I am an architect/ceramis/ online marketer. And this is a little bit of my story…

Growing up, I was this really introvert and shy little girl with an enormous imagination.

I enjoyed being by my self, maybe with animals or nature, but definitely not with people, luckily enough I am part of a really loud, loving and caring family, that didn’t care about my personal space needs, so, I had to get used to being around people all the time.

What made it easier was the strong relationship we have, around food, yes, food, we’d show our love with it, we celebrate everything with it, even when we griefed, we do it with food.

We like to get together in the kitchen, all cooking something tasty, most of the time in a ridiculous amount, and eat until we feel like balloons about to explode, we are not fat as a miracle!… I miss them so much.

Been far away makes you see a lot of things you take for granted, for example after a good meal we always cleaned together. I didn’t realize how much I like cleaning together, how much I love to share food, the chaos of the city, the anarchic economy, the pirate CDs, the strong smell of food, the loud minibusses.

It’s weird, but I miss the craziest stuff, not only the obvious; my family, my love, my friends, and my dog. But been far away helps you to clear up your priorities.

When I decided to go all-in on affiliate marketing, the most meaningful change I have seen is not about money, but about mindset, about the perspective of how you see the world, how you see your goals or even success itself.

As you grew up, your dreams changed right?, I used to dream that I will make a huge difference in the world and that I would be creating new things all the time…

Then, life happens, and you don’t realize when you started settling with easiest normal middle-class dreams; stability, security, and the most important dream is that your family would be safe.

But safe isn’t necessarily happy, and I definitely do want security for them, but now, that’s the minimum requirement, I also want them to enjoy life at maximum, and that they are filled with projects that they actually feel passionate about.

And I don’t want stability for my self, I want an adventure!

Can you see the difference?

Now I still want all those little things, but they are not like.. if I get there I’m happy enough, now, I won’t even think to stop there.

You see, I always saw money like some kind of consequence, if you are good enough in something it will eventually come to you.

Soon enough I realized the hard way (as many other things) that’s not how it works, money is a resource and if you want anything you need to translate it into money, so you can see it as a clear goal.

It may sound frivolous, or the old me would think so, but if you translate everything into a number, it fits into a time-space formula, and this is essential when you are trying to accomplish something.

The reason I’m saying all this is because that’s what I want; a constant adventure in life, and the resources to help the world became a better place.

I don’t want to change it, because I have learned to love it as it is, but I know it can use some help. Why complain about the wrong people having the power?

Anyway, these are my new dreams, maybe they are not small, simple ones, but I think that’s the exciting part, I get to dream big again!